Spill Kits

Spill kits are essential for ensuring the safety of workers and the environment in areas with hazardous materials. They should be easily accessible and regularly maintained to ensure their effectiveness in emergencies. Silverback Spill Kits help manage, contain, clean up, and dispose of hazardous spills. Our spill kits typically include items such as absorbent pads, booms, personal protection equipment and disposal bags.

Ensure compliance by using the correct spill kit for each type of spill. Silverback has a comprehensive SPILL CONTROL SYSTEM that provides full site assessment, spill response training and equipment servicing to assist. There are many factors to consider when designing, resourcing, and locating spill kits and response equipment. Selecting the right equipment for the appropriate risk response is paramount.

Selecting an appropriate spill kit that meets your specific requirements can feel overwhelming. The spill kit you opt for will vary based on the liquids present on your premises, their storage location, the potential magnitude of spills, and the affected area in case of a spillage. To ensure an efficient response to spills, it is crucial to possess a spill kit of the correct size and equipped with a suitable absorbent material. The size of the spill kit you need should match the capacity of your largest container or be equivalent to 25% of the total volume you typically transport on a pallet. For instance, if you are moving a pallet that accommodates 24 x 20L drums (480L in total), your spill kit should have a minimum capacity of 120L.

Spill Kit Selector

Utilising our spill kit selector simplifies selecting the appropriate spill kit. To begin, accessing our selector will guide you in identifying the perfect spill kit that aligns with your requirements. Start by identifying the specific type of liquids stored in your warehouse or onsite. This information will determine the corresponding spill category type and enable you to select the suitable kit size from our available options.

GENERAL PURPOSE Absorbs coolants, oils, fuels, herbicides & pesticides.
10L 20L 40L 120L 240L  
      120L* 240L*  
OIL & FUEL Absorbs oils & fuels on land.
  20L 40L 120L 240L 700L
HAZCHEM Absorbs caustics, acid, coolants, oils, fuels, AdBlue, herbicides & pesticides.
  20L 40L 120L 240L  
MARINE Absorbs oils & fuels on water.
  20L 40L 120L 240L 700L
ACID Absorbs acids, caustics.
  20L   120L 240L  
MEDICAL Absorbs blood, vomit, faeces, urine & cytotoxics.
LABORATORY Absorbs chemicals, biological, liquid nitrogen & mercury.

Our full range of Spill Kits includes:

Compact Vehicle Spill Kits

Silverback supplies small and medium-sized carry bag spill kits for the first responders. Compact, easy-to-store kits that can be quickly deployed to help contain larger spills from spreading into the environment until backup absorbents are resourced from the depot. These kits are designed for small workshops, loading bays, warehouse facilities and on-site plant vehicles servicing plant operations.

Warehouse Spill Kits

Contained within 120L, 240L or 660L wheelie bins, these kits can be stored indoors or outdoors and easily wheeled to any spill area within a warehouse or outside parking and loading bays.

Customised Spill Kits

Silverback can also offer customised spill kits for site-specific requirements. This includes spill kit trailers, containers and caged or enclosed pallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQs below relating to this category. For further inquiries about our products or services, contact us at 1300 858 858.

Like a fire extinguisher, a spill kit is an emergency response item. It allows you and your staff to address an incident before it gets out of control, with minimal risk to the user.

State-based Health and Safety Authorities declare that a person conducting a business or a workplace that uses, handles, generates, or stores hazardous chemicals must ensure that equipment is always available, at the workplace, for use in an emergency.

If a spill incident occurs and you do not have the correct equipment available to minimise harm, you can be fined from $6,000 to $30,000.

The recommended spill kit capacity should hold the largest container plus either 10% or 25% of the total container, whichever is greater. If there is a higher risk of spillage, it is advisable to have a spill kit with a capacity exceeding the largest container.

A multitude of fines can apply and not just to a company. Penalties can be issued to both staff, e.g. drivers, warehouse personnel and site managers. A spill kit and training can prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in WorkSafe or environmental fines.

Spill kits are considered emergency Response Equipment just like fire extinguishers, and they empower your staff to respond to and manage spills safely. It is essential that they are ready for use when needed and, therefore, should have a scheduled inspection regime.

Failure to have the correct equipment can result in substantial fines.

Silverback has a comprehensive Spill Kit maintenance program to ensure your business meets its obligations.

All States in Australia state in their Safety Regulations that employers must ensure sufficient information, training and instruction are given to personnel who store or work with hazardous chemicals.