Silverback 40L Marine Compact Spill Kit

40L Marine Compact Spill Kit


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Product Code: 25222M

Brand: Silverback

The 40L Marine Compact Spill Kit offers an expanded capacity for handling marine oil spills. With its increased absorption capacity of up to 40 litres, this spill kit provides enhanced capabilities for effectively containing and mitigating spills in marine environments. The 40L Marine Compact Prenco Spill Kit includes all the necessary PPE, clean-up tools, and waste bags. These essential components ensure you have a comprehensive set of resources to address oil spill emergencies effectively. This kit has the tools to facilitate rapid and efficient spill containment and clean-up with absorbent materials, containment booms and spill response accessories.


  • Up to 40L (approx) absorption capacity.
  • Our pads are made from Sonic Bonded Polypropylene and absorb petroleum-based liquids on land and water.
  • K-Sorb is a floating, loose biodegradable absorbent.
  • All contents are contained in a portable large-size weatherproof carry bag.
  • The service record tag is attached with a metal strip ring seal with a unique identification serial number.
  • Quick Snap Security Seal fitted to indicate if the kit has been opened.
  • Content list, SDS documents and instructions with clear and safe steps to efficiently and effectively clean up the spill.


  • Size: Large Bag 650mm x 200mm x 750mm
  • Weight: 12kg