Spill Absorption

Absorbents are crucial in combating spills and environmental pollution. Their main function is to soak up liquid spills, making them easier to clean. By using absorbents, we can prevent spills from spreading or seeping into the ground. Typically, absorbents are provided as part of a spill kit. These kits may also include booms to contain spills, brushes for sweeping up contaminated absorbents, and waste bags for collecting used absorbents for disposal.

Various types of absorbents are available for different types of spills. It's important to choose the right absorbent for your specific application. Selecting an incompatible absorbent could worsen the spill or even pose a fire risk due to reactions with the chemicals involved.

Our range of Spill Absorption products includes:

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Different Types of Absorbents:

  1. Oil & Fuel: Made from melt-blown polypropylene, these absorbents have a high affinity for hydrocarbons while repelling water.  They are effective on land and water, making them suitable for industries such as Oil and Gas, Marine, Transport, Mining, and Workshops.
  2. General Purpose: Also known as universal absorbents, these are suitable for hydrocarbons and general chemicals.  While highly aggressive chemicals require specialised Hazchem absorbents, general-purpose absorbents quickly absorb standard chemicals. Ideal for environments dealing with various chemicals and oils, preventing mistakes when addressing spills.  Commonly used in industrial sites and workshops.
  3. Hazchem: These absorbents are designed for aggressive chemicals, encapsulating and neutralising the liquid, ensuring worker safety during clean-up and protecting the environment. These are often utilised in hospitals or specialised industrial environments dealing with aggressive chemicals.
  4. Floor Sweep Granular Absorbents and Neutralisers: Resembling sawdust and powders, these absorbents are poured over spills to contain and encapsulate hydrocarbon and chemical spills. Once the liquid is absorbed, it can be swept up and disposed of using waste bags. These represent a versatile spill clean-up product suitable for various industries, including Oil and Gas, industrial, transport, marine, and mining.

Absorbents and Spill Kits:

Absorbents can be purchased separately or as part of a spill kit. Buying a spill kit is advisable as it includes all the necessary tools for cleaning up spills. When absorbents from the kit have been used, you can replenish spill absorbents by ordering replacement stock from Silverback. Silverback Spill Kits are available as Oil & Fuel kits, General Purpose kits, Hazchem kits, Marine kits, and Medical or Laboratory kits.

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