Single & Double-Dipped PVC Gloves

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a durable, long-lasting thermoplastic of chlorine and carbon. Its properties make it an ideal material for work gloves, as it is flexible and offers excellent grip and abrasion resistance. PVC-coated gloves typically contain a liner material dipped in PVC to create a protective outer layer. 

Options Available:

  • Single-Dipped PVC: Offer some resistance to oil, chemicals and grease.
  • Double-Dipped PVC: With twice the PVC, these gloves offer wearers increased protection from oil, chemicals and grease, as well as a superior level of puncture and abrasion resistance.
  • Part Coated PVC: Only partly covered by PVC protection, typically with material or elastic cuffs.
  • Fully Coated PVC: Fully coated PVC gloves are often gauntlets, giving extended protection over the wearer’s wrist and arm.
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Silverback Red PVC 27cm Gloves Single Dipped

Red PVC 27cm Gloves Single Dipped

$4.05 (inc GST)
Silverback Red PVC Gloves 45cm Single Dipped

Red PVC Gloves 45cm Single Dipped

$6.92 (inc GST)

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