Silverback’s Spill Control System is an all-inclusive process to identify environmental risks and your needs.

It provides effective products, staff training, and ongoing maintenance programs to protect business environmental and OHS compliance needs. Silverback’s industry experience and comprehensive solutions ensure that our clients receive the best outcomes for the safety of their people and environments.

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Silverback’s Extensive Range of Spill Control and Stormwater Management Includes:

Silverback’s Spill Control System includes:

01 Site Environmental Risk Assessment

Effective Spill Control requires careful planning and preparation, as well as the use of appropriate equipment and procedures. Individuals and organisations can help protect the environment and ensure their staff's and related communities' safety by taking proactive steps to prevent and manage spills.

Site  Assessment: Silverback’s field staff have been trained to review your site to identify risks and help you implement a best practice system for environmental and personal safety. During a site assessment, the Silverback team will check your emergency spill preparedness, stormwater management and emergency procedures to prepare a report outlining risks and cost-effective solutions to suit your business and optimise compliance.

Risk Assessment Report: This is a written assessment of site findings with recommendations to ensure your business complies with environmental regulations.

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02 Recommendations Report & Action Plan

Based on our Risk Assessment Report, to ensure compliance, we will also develop a Spill Control System Proposal offering services and products to reduce any risks identified in your environment, your staff, and your operation. The proposal will also contain staff training and ongoing maintenance and service programs to optimize safety and maintain compliance in the future.

03 Onsite Training

Silverback offers tailored training packages to suit your business’s needs. Silverback provides three levels of training, including Toolbox (basic staff training), Level 1 for staff and supervisors, and Level 2 for Business Managers and Emergency Response teams.

Silverback’s Spill Control Services include:

  1. Toolbox Spill Training:

    Basic training for staff, including how to address any unforeseen spill situation, the components of a spill kit and how to use them, the correct procedure for disposal and onsite reporting.

    Designed to be carried out as an add-on to your regular toolbox safety meeting. (Duration 15-20 minutes).

  2. Level 1 Spill Training:

    In-depth training for staff and supervisors includes Emergency Response, legislation, setting up safe perimeters, dealing with hazardous spill situations, addressing spills, disposal within State guidelines and on-site reporting and restocking Spill Kits.

    Designed to be presented in a class situation and includes on-site demonstrations. (Duration 60-90 minutes).

  3. Level 2 Spill Training:

    Next-level training designed for Business Managers and Emergency Response teams. Training covers EPA requirements, separation of Dangerous Goods by class, Environmental Action Plans, legal requirements, site-specific requirements and hazards, Staff Evacuation Plans, and Level 1 Spill Training components.

    This training is ideal for all staff with distinct and elevated risks, such as operations involving dangerous chemicals (acids, bases oxidizing and toxic chemicals). (Duration 60-90 minutes).

04 Maintenance & Service Program

Silverback Maintenance & Service Programs help businesses proactively maintain a safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly operation. Our team will regularly visit and maintain your site to manage and mitigate any compliance risks.

We will inspect your spill kits and clean and manage assets such as Dangerous Goods cabinets, bunding equipment, grease traps, litter baskets, trash racks, oil and water separators, safety shower and eyewash units, and more. These services give you peace of mind for ongoing site safety and environmental compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Having the correct spill equipment available, with staff training and a maintenance program in place, will ensure your team can effectively respond to any incidents and avoid financial ramifications, while minimising the adverse outcomes of a spill on your company’s reputation.

Chemical spills are workplace safety and environmental protection issues; therefore, a spill incident could cause fines by both EPA and SafeWork.

A chemical spill in the workplace harms the environment and workers. Workplace injuries can lead to medical and rehabilitation costs and corporate fines. Environmental pollution can also result in expensive remediation costs and penalties. In all cases, prevention is the best outcome.

A relevant spill kit is the best measure to protect people and the environment.

All states in Australia have regulations and codes of practice that determine environmental and safety obligations for businesses.

Having spill control equipment available guarantees the safety of employees when dealing with accidental spills. It is also considered a legal obligation and a reliable measure to protect individuals and the surrounding environment.

As a business manager, you have a legal and moral obligation to protect personnel and the environment, keeping the workplace free from hazards. Dangers include slippery floors and exposure to toxic chemicals.

Failure to clean up spills may result in fines being imposed and possible imprisonment.

Ensure you can address any spills that occur with appropriate equipment. A spill kit and related accessories are the most common spill response equipment tool.