Hazchem Absorbents

Hazchem absorbents are designed to control and mitigate the effects of hazardous chemical spills. These highly specialised substances, constructed from inert polypropylene microfibers, exhibit remarkable chemical resistance and absorbent capabilities, making them invaluable in emergency spill response. Hazchem absorbents are suitable for cleaning up fuels, solvents, acids, caustics, pesticides, herbicides, and other non-hazardous liquids. The various forms these absorbents take, such as pads, booms, cushions, and rolls, each serve specific functions in different scenarios.

Colour coding is utilised to differentiate absorbent types based on their absorbency capacity, facilitating the selection process during clean-ups and enhancing efficiency. For instance, yellow denotes absorbents suitable for Hazchem chemical spills and unknown liquids. Furthermore, Regardless of the type of absorbent used, it's essential to ensure compatibility with the spilled substance and correct hazardous waste disposal according to environmental regulations.

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Silverback Hazchem Booms

Hazchem Booms

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Silverback Hazchem Absorbent Cushion 200mm x 460mm

Hazchem Absorbent Cushion 200mm x 460mm

$6.60 (inc GST)

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