Emergency Response Kits

The Silverback 'Emergency Response Kits' (ERK) are specially crafted for those in high-risk transport environments, particularly for drivers transporting Dangerous Goods placard loads. Each kit is diligently assembled, boasting a well-curated selection of PPE, first aid, and safety equipment, ensuring drivers are adequately equipped to handle emergencies. Every ERK bag is designed with utmost attention to detail, featuring reflective strips for added visibility, a robust carry handle for easy transport, and a unique serial number for traceability. While the standard PPE items are predominantly 'Large' in size, catering to a majority, we understand that everyone has individual needs. Therefore, ERK customisation is readily available upon request.

However, it's important to note that while our standard ERK is versatile, it isn't suitable for Dangerous Goods of Class 6 and Class 8. For such requirements and to ensure maximum safety compliance, we always advise referring to the ADGC guide and letting us tailor-make your kit to match your exact specifications.

In addition to this, we've innovated the 20L General Purpose, Oil & Fuel and Hachem Spill Combination Kits. These state-of-the-art kits blend the Emergency Response Kit with a 20L Spill Kit. Conveniently packed in a single bag, it fits snugly behind the driver or passenger seat, ensuring rapid accessibility during urgent situations.

In compliance with Dangerous Goods, O.H & S guidelines, our ERK ensures you're covered for most challenges encountered during your daily drives. The Silverback Combination Kit is the perfect co-pilot for any professional driver, ensuring safety and preparedness in any on-road emergency scenario.

Our range of emergency response kits includes the following:

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