Lab Spill Kits

Lab spill kits are specialised equipment and materials designed to handle and manage spills in laboratory environments. These spill kits are crucial for ensuring the safety of laboratory personnel, preventing the spread of hazardous substances, and minimising potential damage to equipment and the environment.

Typically, laboratory spill kits include items such as absorbent pads, pillows, or granular absorbents to quickly contain and absorb spilt liquids, including chemicals or reagents. They also have personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, and lab coats to protect individuals during cleanup. Additionally, laboratory spill kits may include spill control accessories like spill trays, scoops, and sealable containers for proper containment and disposal of the spilt substances.

The contents of laboratory spill kits may vary depending on the specific requirements and types of hazards present in the laboratory. However, the primary goal of these spill kits is to provide laboratory personnel with the necessary tools and resources to respond effectively and safely in the event of a spill, thereby promoting a secure working environment and preventing potential contamination or harm.

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Silverback Formaldehyde Spill Kit

Formaldehyde Spill Kit

$200.08 (inc GST)
Silverback Laboratory Prenco Spill Kit

Laboratory Prenco Spill Kit

$212.98 (inc GST)
Silverback Mercury Spill Kit

Mercury Spill Kit

$251.70 (inc GST)

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