Laboratory Prenco Spill Kit


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Product Code: 258510LAB

Brand: Silverback

Manage your spills of ALL fluids in the lab with our. High Performance "Uni-Safe pH Plus" Absorbent Binder for all Chemicals and Fluids

UNI-SAFE is a powder that absorbs and gels all chemicals, biotech liquids and even body fluids, without creating a reaction Other absorbents on the market are chemical-specific, so you need several different products. This creates the risk of using the wrong absorbent on the chemical spill or the absorbent MSDS indicates restrictions on some chemicals, creating a potentially dangerous reaction.

Since UNI-SAFE is universal, you save money by only needing one absorbent in your spill kit. UNI-SAFE is a chemical and oil absorbent binder medium universally applicable to all liquids.

UNI-SAFE has been developed for and by the German Chemical Industry, in co-operation with the German Fire Brigades, to combat all hazardous accidents. Its material composition will not cause any hazardous reaction not even with strongly reacting and oxidizing substances, such as nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and chlorsulfonic spills. It will also absorb bromine, sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide and caustics without problems. UNI-SAFE acts as an emission blocker. It creates a 'fume barrier' protecting personnel and environment, even in the case of oleum and fuming chlorsulfonic acid will stop immediately. UNI-SAFE binds most liquids into a non-flowing gel.