Oil & Fuel Absorbents

Oil and fuel absorbents are specialised materials used to manage and contain oil or fuel spills in various environments, from auto repair shops to large oil rigs and marine environments. These absorbents are uniquely designed to absorb oil-based fluids while repelling water (hydrophobicity). Several oil and fuel absorbents exist, including pads, rolls, booms and pillows.

Absorbent pads, rolls, and mats are often used in smaller-scale operations or preventative situations, like under machinery or in workstations. In contrast, absorbent booms are ideal for containing larger spills and protecting specific areas from contamination. Absorbent cushions are commonly employed for larger spills or leaks, especially in confined spaces.

Proper disposal of used absorbents is critical to avoid environmental contamination, and in many cases, they must be handled as hazardous waste, though some may be wrung out and reused. The choice of absorbent is based on the type and scale of the operation, the type of oil or fuel involved, and the potential environmental impact.

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