20L Hazchem Premium Plus ERK Spill Combo Kit

20L Hazchem Premium Plus ERK Spill Combo Kit


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Product Code: 25820ERKH

Brand: Prenco

A Silverback 'Combination Kit' is what any professional driver needs for an on road scenario. The 'Combination Kit' combines a 20 litre spill kit with an emergency response kit (ERK), all in the one conveniently sized bag designed to fit behind the driver or passenger seat for quick ready access. We hope you never have to use this kit but it's a small price to pay for peace of mind and being prepared.

Designed for first response to small spills or to help contain larger spills from spreading into the environment until back-up absorbents resourced from depot.

Suitable for absorbing approximately 20L of oils, fuels, solvents, agricultural chemicals, coolant and general workshop chemicals.

Designed for small workshops, loading bays, warehouse facilities and on-site plant vehicles servicing plant operations.