Silverback Hazchem Booms

Hazchem Booms

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Brand: Silverback

Hazchem absorbents are polypropylene microfibers with excellent chemical resistance and outstanding absorbent capabilities. Polypropylene is highly inert and will not react with most harsh chemicals.

Hazchem Booms help trap fluids or constant leaks around the base of heavy machinery. Booms effectively contain and divert spills on hard surfaces. They are also used as a first response for spill emergencies.

Absorbent products are colour coded according to spill type as their absorbency varies. Using the correct absorbents saves you time and dramatically improves your spill clean-up efficiency. Yellow coloured absorbents are suitable for Hazchem chemical spills and spills of an unknown liquid.

Available in lengths of 1.2m or 3m and widths of 76mm or 100mm.