Silverback Bio Waste Prenco Spill Kits

Bio Waste Prenco Spill Kits

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Brand: Silverback

These spill kits contain Liquid Spill Lock Bio-Waste Absorbent, which offers many features & benefits in the safe clean up of infectious fluids. This natural mineral, non-toxic absorbent powder, rapidly immobilises and deodorises potentially infectious spills, and its properties solidify infectious liquids on contact. The Bio-Waste kits make for safe and easy removal of the spilt contaminate, leaving the affected area clean and disinfected.

These kits are ideal for use in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Public Transport, Taxis, Doctors Surgery, Day Care Centres, Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs, Cruise Ships, Veterinary Clinics and Waste Management.
Our kits have no sharp edges for added protection - our scoop and scraper have rounded edges to avoid the puncturing of protective gloves and all the personal protection needed when cleaning up the spill.

Silverback supplies Bio-Waste Spill Response Kits in various capacities. A handy take-anywhere single-use kit, perfect for the glove box or supply cabinet, a 15L compact kit contained in an easy to carry bucket. We supply 120L and 240L wheelie bin kits for easy transporting from location to area where larger spills may occur.