Silverback 240L Marine  Spill Kit

240L Marine Spill Kit


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Product Code: 258240PM

Brand: Silverback

Silverback offers the 240L Marine Spill Kits, which include water-resistant absorbents capable of effectively absorbing oils, fuels, and hydrocarbons on water, providing a capacity of up to 240 litres. These convenient wheelie bin kits can be strategically placed near loading areas, refuelling bays, storage tanks, storm-water drains, truck yards, and factory machinery close to waterways. The marine absorbents featured in these kits demonstrate outstanding oil absorption capabilities, specifically designed to tackle oil-based spills on water surfaces.


  • 240L (approx) absorption capacity.
  • This kit is contained in a 240L Wheelie Bin.
  • Includes a premium PPE kit with high-quality personal protection equipment for your personal safely.
  • Our pads are made from Sonic Bonded Polypropylene and absorb petroleum-based liquids on land and water.
  • K-Sorb floating loose biodegradable absorbent.
  • The service record tag is attached with a metal strip ring seal with a unique identification serial number.
  • The kit is supplied with a locking wire hasp and staple fitted with a Quick Snap Security Seal to indicate if the equipment has been opened.
  • Content list, SDS documents and instructions with clear and safe steps to efficiently and effectively clean up the spill. All are contained in a clear document holder fixed to the underside of the bin lid.


  • Size: 240L Mobile Bin - 700mm x 600mm x 1050mm.
  • Weight: 45kg