Metal Strip Ring Seal Serial Number WT


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Brand: Local Supplier

The Ena Strip 1 Metal is a fixed length seal with a high breaking strength metal locking mechanism. The stainless steel strap can withstand harsh handling during shipment operations. The locking mechanism is encapsulated with ABS plastic that allows for modern security markings such as laser engraved logos and barcodes in addition to standard serial numbers.

Features: Plastic enclosure is laser engraved for flexible printing options, A stainless steel strap inspires confidence and sense of security, Average breaking strength of more than 35kg-f

Material Strap: Stainless Steel

Body: ABS plastic

Cannot be dismantled or cut without obvious traces

Locking strength of 35 kg

Suitable for temperatures ranging from -60°C to 120°C

PRODUCT SPECS: strap length - 200mm, strap width - 9mm, strap thickness - 0.29mm Tag Size - 40mm x 23.