Silverback Truck Winch Dog Breaker Bar 900mm

Truck Winch Dog Breaker Bar 900mm


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Product Code: 10780

Brand: Silverback

For secure operation, the Truck Winch-Dog Breaker Bar features a knurled non-slip handle and tapered and angled carbon-steel slip-resistant tip. Silverback's Truck Winch-Dog Breaker Bars are designed to easily slide into the slots along the side of the truck winch and then help you tighten down the winch strap so that it grips your load. A handy tool to achieve pretension for webbing straps and even safely release chain lashing systems subject to statutory requirements. Their modified end is also a handy tool to break the tension on lever style load binders.

All Silverback Winch Bars are heat-treated for extra strength, and the flanged mushroom tip helps keep the bar from slipping from the winch.


  • Manufactured from heat-treated steel for extra strength
  • Chrome plated
  • Length 900mm