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Tackle the challenges of concrete construction waste disposal with Silverback's new Concrete Washout Bags. It's a game-changer in eco-friendly construction designed to capture concrete slurry waste from concrete pump trucks.

The Challenges of Concrete Waste in Construction

The construction industry plays a big role in the global economy, contributing to developing cities, towns, and structures. However, with its contributions come challenges in reducing waste and effective disposal of concrete washout. As we complete construction projects, we have much leftover concrete wastewater. If not managed properly, this waste can lead to serious environmental dangers.

The Environmental Consequences

Concrete washout consists of the leftover mix of concrete and water after construction work. The chemical properties of this mixture can have several harmful impacts on the environment:

  • Soil Pollution: Concrete waste can change the soil's pH levels, blocking plant growth. Over time, this can worsen land quality and reduce its use for farming or other purposes.
  • Drainage System Blocks: Concrete waste can become solid and block sewer systems, leading to still water. This can then harm city structures and interfere with everyday activities.
  • Water Pollution: The concrete waste seeps into natural waterways, affecting the water environment. The particles in the washout can greatly reduce oxygen levels in the water, affecting the survival of water species. Additionally, these particles can settle on riverbeds, changing the natural flow and habitat of the water bodies.

Legal Results

The wrong handling of construction and demolition waste is also a legal concern. Incorrect concrete recycling on construction sites can lead to fines and legal action because of global environmental problems. These fines not only hurt the financial situation of the companies but also their reputation in the market.

The Silverback Solution

Silverback Concrete Washout Bags focus on health, safety, and environmental protection, specifically designed for the construction sector.

These bags prevent concrete waste material from harming the environment and offer clean, recyclable waste. We make our bags from a strong woven plastic fabric outer, lined with a clear plastic inner to contain concrete slurry. Silverback's two-layer slurry waste bag protection offers a safe solution.

Construction workers can do their tasks on job sites without negatively affecting the environment. The bag easily connects to the concrete pump truck's hopper to catch concrete waste through the top opening. Fill bags on flat surfaces that are clear of any sharp objects or obstacles that hinder collection once dry.


  • The industry considers the U-Panel design as the strongest across assembly methods and capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • Attach the bag to the hopper of the pump truck, ensuring it is secure and stays in position.
  • The bag measures 1800mmL x 1090mmW x 400mmH
  • These heavy-duty washout bags can hold up to 0.78 cubic metres or 2500kg of concrete waste.
  • The bag has four strong lifting loops sewn under the base. Forklifts or cranes use these loop straps to help move the cured concrete brick.
  • The design stops ground pollution and securely contains significant amounts of cement slurry without any leakage.


  • Environmental Protection: Aligns with environmental impacts and local rules, protecting the environment for future generations.
  • Rethinking Waste: The cured concrete can be recycled for various helpful construction uses. Parking barriers, low holding walls, or set areas. This makes them a valuable tool for civil, road, and commercial construction. Silverback is changing construction waste management, not just recycling materials.
  • Compliance: We batch-test our washout bags to meet the Australian Standard AS3668-1989, showing our promise to quality and the environment.

Why Choose Silverback?

Cities are growing, so we need more construction and concrete. Concrete Waste Bags are essential within the supply chain. They capture the essence of sustainable building, connecting industry needs and environmental protection. Silverback is setting a high standard for responsible construction by promoting sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in the current times.

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