Decking Loader Beam ETRK HD ADJ 2184mm to 2464mm SWL 1360kg


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Product Code: 10525

Brand: Silverback

New to Silverback is our E-Track Decking Loader Beam, Aluminium Heavy Duty 2184mm - 2464mm with an SWL of 1360kg.

Silverback's heavy-duty aluminium E-track decking beams are made from heavy-duty aluminium. The manufacturer has tested our bars; test information is available upon request. A good practice is always to know your weights and vary them evenly over the beams as weight, height, and shapes change all the time, and the number and placement of decking beams depend on the make-up of your load.

  • Adjustable length - 2184mm - 2464mm
  • SWL 1360kg
  • 9.5Kg each
  • Made of grade alum: 6005
  • The thickness of the tube: 2-3.5mm
  • Width: 64.5mm
  • Height: 81.3mm