Axle Strap D Ring 50mm x 450mm LC 2500kg


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Product Code: 10685D

Brand: Silverback

The strength of Silverback's D-Ring Axle Straps is an essential part of your kit when transporting vehicles in a safe and secure method. The axle strap provides you optimal holding power and durability and is a necessary item for towing service tie-down jobs on low-clearance vehicles.

With a 2500kg lashing capacity, these axle straps are used with a ratchet tie-down kit to form a loop around the axle, pulling the vehicle tyre to the side of the tray or trailer instead of downwards.

This axle strap is essential for towing low-clearance vehicles. It is made of heavy-duty polyester with tightly woven thread, which makes it very durable. The inner part of the strap loops has an additional inner sleeve sewn in to make it even stronger. The pair of D Rings are also very strong and will support the rest of the tie-down system.

The straps are PU coated for increased UV protection in the harsh Australian sun and are available in the colour cool as standard.

Silverback's range of axle straps for the towing services industry are all made in compliance with AS/NZS 4380:2001.