Silverback Primate Pallet Angle Placement Tool

Primate Pallet Angle Placement Tool


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Product Code: 11074

Brand: Silverback

Your Essential Safety Companion on the Road!

Safety is our top priority in the trucking industry. The well-being and protection of truck operators, warehouse personnel, and freight is important. That's why we've developed a uniquely designed tool that makes loading trucks safer.

Why is the tool essential for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)?

Our load angle placement tool takes safety to the next level:

  1. This pallet angle assist tool helps avoid accidents, falls and injuries by stopping the need to climb on a loaded truck trailer. The telescopic design makes it easy to reach high loads from the safety of the ground.
  2. The angle assist tool has a wire head with a guiding feature. This characteristic ensures precise strap placement when tying down cargo.
  3. This tool reduces physical strain and discomfort when handling cargo.
  4. Adjust the size as required and lock securely with the twist-action mechanism. Our tool can handle loads at different heights, from 1.45m to 4m, giving you the necessary reach.
  5. Compatible with Silverback's pallet angles and industry equivalents, this tool gives cargo safety assurance.

Make the Primate Pallet Angle Placement Tool essential to your cargo handling routine. Prioritise your safety, minimise risks, and ensure every journey is secure.

Elevate your OH&S standards and experience the peace of mind that comes with an angle assist tool designed to protect truckers. Your protection is not up for discussion.


  • Crafted with a spring steel wire-formed head featuring an integrated strap guide.
  • It weighs just 900g and presents a lightweight aluminium handle, ensuring effortless ease of use.
  • It incorporates a sturdy twist-action mechanism, allowing secure locking at variable lengths.
  • The 300mm head width ensures it works well with Silverback's pallet angles and equivalent industry products.
  • Its telescopic design facilitates elevated reach while remaining compact for storage.
  • The product's extendable length is 1.45m to 2.5m
  • Designed in Australia

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