Silverback Plastic Slip Sheets 1250mm x 1100mm x 0.8mm BK
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Plastic Slip Sheets 1250mm x 1100mm x 0.8mm BK


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The Sustainable Revolution in Material Handling

Elevate your logistics and storage solutions with our cutting-edge Silverback Plastic Slip Sheets. These black slip sheets set new standards for material handling. They are innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly in the industry. How businesses store, transport, and manage many finished products.


  • We use 100% recycled materials, showing our commitment to eco-friendliness and quality.
  • Our durable, long-lasting product is a strong alternative to regular pallets and cardboard sheets. It can benefit your business and help reduce waste.
  • They are chemically resilient and can withstand exposure to various solvents. This feature ensures the safe and clean transport of goods.
  • They have a slip-resistant top surface for safer handling of goods. This helps prevent accidents and provides a more secure grip when moving items.
  • These sheets are strong, durable, and withstand rough handling during transport and storage. They are non-degradable and have excellent impact resistance to keep your products safe.
  • Our waterproof slip sheets protect against moisture and humidity in cold stores, creating a barrier in any condition.

Key Advantages:

  • Environmentally Friendly: By opting for our recycled plastic slip sheets, you contribute to a healthier planet.
  • Reduce handling costs and create more space. Fit 12-15% more product in each container.
  • This improved solution reduces loading and unloading times by 60%, minimises product damage, and improves business efficiency.
  • Our sheets are clean and long-lasting, providing a barrier between wooden pallets. They meet ISO standards for quality assurance.


  • Size: 1250mm x 1100mm x 0.8mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Quantity: 500 per pallet


Great for various uses like shipping, moving items, protecting pallets, organizing storage, covering items, separating layers, and supporting skids.

Why Silverback Slip Sheets?

Choosing Silverback Poly Plastic Slip Sheets means embracing an eco-friendly and efficient solution for your material handling needs. Improve how you store and move items with our slip sheets. Be a leader in eco-friendly business practices.