Silverback Ygen 8 YG 2000B Semi Auto Pallet Wrapper Machine
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Ygen 8 YG 2000B Semi Auto Pallet Wrapper Machine


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Product Code: 21032

Brand: CPS

This Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapper is suitable for any company wrapping 5 to 30 pallets per day or up to 60 pallets per 8hr shift.


  • 1650mm turntable
  • 2000Kg load capacity
  • Soft start/stop
  • Adjustable turntable speed 0-10 RPM

Film Carriage:

  • Digital PCB Control with LCD
  • Easy load film system
  • Sensor controlled pallet height detection
  • Safety emergency stop system
  • Maximum pallet height 2300mm
  • The core inside diameter is 75mm
  • Full film width 500mm
  • Entire film outside diameter 280mm
  • Up to 200% prestretch
  • Replacement parts and service available via CPM

Control Panel Features:

  • Cycle for film carriage up/down
  • Number of top wraps
  • Top sheet wait time
  • Number of Bottom wraps
  • Top wait function
  • Manual turntable rotation
  • Manual film carriage up/down
  • Film carriage up/down speed
  • Turntable speed
  • Power On / Off
  • Reset
  • Run / Stop
  • Manual / Auto


  • Diameter of turntable Ø1500mm
  • Mast height 2700mm max
  • Pallet height 2300mm
  • Pallet weight Capacity < 2000kg
  • Machine size 2550mmL x 1500mmW x 2800mmH

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