Silverback Sump Skimmer 63cm x 36cm

Sump Skimmer 63cm x 36cm


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Product Code: 25109

Brand: Envirosmart

Sump Skimmers are designed to be easily lowered into water-based liquid, float on the surface and remain buoyant even when full, without leaching the contaminants out. They are easily anchored with the rope attached and are 63cm long and 36cm wide. 

They are perfect for soaking up unwanted oil and oil-based fluids, including lubricants and fuels in bilges, sumps and tanks, leaving only the water behind. These Sump Skimmers are hydrophobic (resist water) and filled with a highly absorbent polypropylene filter encased with a Heavy Duty shade cloth with anchoring rope.

They are designed for removing oil and oil-based products from the surface of Bilges, Sumps and Tanks.


  • Highly Absorbent polypropylene oil only filter
  • The filter is hydrophobic (resist water) and will not leach contents
  • Heavy-Duty, UV-treated mesh shade cloth skin with anchoring rope Remains buoyant even when full
  • Practical and straightforward to use
  • Made in Australia

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