Silverback Drain Skimmer Unit 500mm x 500mm

Drain Skimmer Unit 500mm x 500mm


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Product Code: 251113

Brand: Silverback

The Drain Skimmer unit offers a cost-effective drain protection option. An organic hydrophobic fibre absorbent pillow is placed into the skimmer pouch to absorb hydrocarbons that float on the drain catchment basin water.

The Drain Skimmer will float in most drains or sumps where hydrocarbon contamination can occur. The sturdy screen pillow ensures long term exposure to the contaminated water and will resist coating or clogging, preventing further absorption. The hydrocarbon absorbing polypropylene or biodegradable K-Sorb fibre inside the skimmer effectively absorbs oil over long periods.

The Drain Skimmer floats on the water surface and will not impede water flow.