Silverback 240V Bund Sucker Dewatering Pump

240V Bund Sucker Dewatering Pump


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Product Code: 251193

Brand: Envirosmart

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240V Bund Sucker is a premium quality residue dewatering pump, ideal for evacuating unwanted liquid from Spill Bunds, Collapsible Bunds and Rigid Bunds. It is also suitable for complete drainage on flat surfaces such as rooftops, parking stations, utility pits, basements plant maintenance and pools.

It's unique design allows the pump to drain water down to a minimum water level of just 1mm with its low water drain mechanism. A feature that also prevents the reverse flow of water once sucked in utilising a proprietary valve seat and specially developed swing valve. The flow-through design achieves an efficient cooling effect at low water levels and features a top discharge port providing ease of use in many applications. An option to discharge in a horizontal direction can be achieved with the pumps multi-directional hose coupling. Notched bolt holes enable the coupling to be removed by simply loosening the cap nuts. A rubber lined base plate completes this products highlights keeping your bund protected from scratching.

Designed for: Pumping out wash down water out of a Spill Bund, Pumping liquid in to a storage container from the temporary bund, Can pump water from a temporary bund through an Oil & Water Separator Filter Bag or separator unit holding tank, Pump out a pallet bund, sumps or boat bilges, Drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not available

Features: Drains water down to a minimum water level of 1mm, Flow-Thru design, Multi Directional Hose Coupling, Rubber lined base, 240V power, Discharge Bore 25mm, Dry Weight 12kg, Motor Output 0.48kw, Phase: Single, Starting Method: Capacitor Run, Dimensions: 316 x 196mm