Silverback 12V Bund Sucker Dewatering Pump

12V Bund Sucker Dewatering Pump


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Product Code: 251193-12V

Brand: Envirosmart

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Silverback provides a simple solution for evacuating unwanted fluids from Spill Bunds, Collapsible Bunds and Rigid Bunds. It is by means of a portable 12 volt pumping system. The pump can operate efficiently within the bund or with the purchase of an accessories kit, externally with Collapsible and Rigid Bunds. The accessories kit includes a skin fitting for the bund, fittings and hose to connect to the pump box inlet.

The system runs automatically and features an automatic stop / start paddle float switch. This float switch has the capability to perform in water levels less than 60mm. Three multi size upper inlet ports provide options for different height bunds and also a safeguard if the bottom inlet was to get blocked. These upper inlets can provide a means for water to bypass easily. The system also prevents back siphoning with a compact one way check valve and a removable filter screen to trap debris, all packaged under clear clip down water tight cover.

(*Battery or 12V power supply not included).

Designed for: Pumping out wash down water out of a Spill Bund, Pumping liquid in to a storage container from the temporary bund, Can pump water from a temporary bund through an Oil & Water Separator Filter Bag or separator unit holding tank, Can be used to pump out a pallet bund, sumps or boat bilges

Features: 50 LMP Pumping system, Three upper multi size inlet ports for different eight temporary bunds, Removable filter screen to trap debris, Automatic stop / start paddle float switch operational in water levels less than 60mm, Single 20mm discharge port, Pump can be located inside the temporary bund or externally. (External pumping requires a kit with a skin fitting, hose fittings, and hose to connect to the pump box inlet. Will work efficiently providing the bund will drain to the pump box via gravity), Compact one way check valve to prevent back siphoning, Clear clip down water tight cover, Dimensions: 206 x 280 x 137mm