Absorbent Work Well Matt 81cm x 15m


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Product Code: 25120

Brand: Silverback

Used as Commercial Entrance Matting by hospitals and schools Australia wide. Amazing on Lino floor entrances that get wet and skiddy from heavy traffic. Adhesive backed Floor mats stay exactly you put them, no shifting sideways, no bunching up and or corners flipping over.

Great at trapping dust, dirt, salt and moisture from coming into your office workplace. Great for putting in corridors separating workshops and offices.

The adhesive back sticks to the floor with a super tight grip and peels off easily at up to 12 week change out intervals.

This mat will stick to most common commercial floor surfaces including, tiles, vinyl floors and concrete. NFSI Certified - When used as part of your floor safety program, high traction surfaces.

Fantastic low profile for around hospitals where the elderly tend to shuffle rather than lift their feet.

Super-efficient absorbent top soaks in moisture and wicks it away from the entry point to prevent puddling on the surface