Silverback Pedestal Mounted Eyewash Station with Bowl and Foot Treadle

Pedestal Mounted Eyewash Station with Bowl and Foot Treadle


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Product Code: 251990-P

Brand: Pratt Safety

The premier safety solution.

This emergency response unit is important for places like factories, labs, or areas with dangerous chemicals. Crafted with the highest safety and efficiency standards, it's not just equipment but a lifeline in critical situations.


  • This Eyewash Station meets strict AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1 standards. Made in an ISO 9001-certified facility for quality and compliance assurance. This ensures you get a secure, reliable, and excellent product.
  • AEROSTREAM Technology: Experience soothing relief with the AEROSTREAM technology, which delivers a gentle cascade of soft-flow water supply. This new feature helps clean harmful substances from the eyes and face, lowering the risk of injury.
  • SWIRLTECH Technology: The exclusive SWIRLTECH technology guarantees a precise pattern and controlled flushing fluid flow rate. This ensures that plenty of liquid goes to the right place to clean the eyes and face in emergencies.
  • Our emergency eyewashes have Flow Control Regulators (FCR) and Flow Control Adjusters (FCA) as standard. The unit's FCR allows simultaneous flow from the eyewash, maintaining minimum flow outputs. Additionally, the eyewash's FCA enables fine-tuning of flow output, providing customised relief according to the severity of contaminants.
  • Strong stainless steel pipes and connectors resist rust, making the unit durable. The Stainless Steel Eyewash Bowl is easy to rinse, making cleaning fast and efficient.
  • This emergency eyewash station is simple to use and, in emergencies, is quick to activate by hand or foot.
  • The eyewash assembly has rubber eye cups for comfort. These cups are gentle on the eyes, ensuring a safe and comfortable flushing experience.

Act now for Instant Safety.

Immediate access to an efficient and reliable eye wash station is crucial in high-risk environments. The Pedestal Mounted Eyewash with Bowl and Foot Treadle meets industry standards for safety. This unit is a high-quality safety solution for your team's well-being during emergencies. Avoid waiting for a crisis to expose the necessity for appropriate safety gear.

Please get in touch with us to learn how to include this emergency response unit in your safety plan. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

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Your safety is our priority. Act now to enhance your workplace safety measures with our Pedestal Mounted Eyewash Station.