Silverback Combination Emergency Shower Eyewash Station

Combination Emergency Shower Eyewash Station


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Product Code: 251990-SE607

Brand: Pratt Safety

Elevate your emergency response with our advanced Safety Shower with an eyewash bowl and foot treadle.

Stay safe with our advanced Combination Emergency Shower Eye and Face wash station, designed with the latest technology. Our emergency safety shower meets AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1 standards for high-quality performance.


  • New AEROSTREAM Technology provides a gentle flow of water. It washes away harmful substances from the eyes and face. This flow of water does not cause more damage.
  • New SWIRLTECH Technology provides a steady flow and precise spray of cleaning fluid. This technology ensures the best results by delivering large cleaning fluid. Get clean effectively with this innovative technology.
  • Our showers and eyewashes have Flow Control Regulators (FCR) and Flow Control Adjusters (FCA) to maintain steady flow. This ensures that the shower and eyewash meet the minimum flow requirements without issues. The eyewash features an FCA for fine-tuning flow output, catering to specific needs.
  • This unit is strong and long-lasting, made from stainless steel and ABS for the shower parts and head. These materials ensure that the unit will last in tough industrial settings.
  • This emergency station is simple to use, with simple activation by hand or foot. It has a push handle, foot pedal, and pull rod for quick response in an emergency.
  • ABS Eye/Face Wash Nozzle Assembly: Cleans eyes and face safely, reducing harm from hazardous substances.

Your Safety Is Our Priority:

Don't compromise on safety. Having proper emergency safety equipment when handling hazardous chemicals is crucial and can greatly impact your safety. Our Combination Shower with Eye & Face Wash ensures safety and peace of mind in high-risk environments.

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Your safety is our priority. Act now to enhance your workplace safety measures with our Combination Safety Shower and Eyewash Station.