Water Preservative Solution 4 x 250mL Bottles


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Product Code: 251995-W

Brand: Pratt Safety

Ensure Long-Lasting Safety with Our Water Preservative Solution

Safeguard your eyewash stations against harmful contaminants with our Water Preservative Solution, available in a convenient pack of 4 x 250mL bottles. This solution is designed specifically for use in portable gravity-fed units. It is an essential addition to any safety-conscious workplace.


  • Broad-Spectrum Protection: Our water additive is meticulously formulated to combat various micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, algae, and more. By inhibiting the growth of these contaminants, it ensures the water in your eyewash stations remains safe and clean, ready for use in an emergency.
  • Long-Lasting Efficacy: A single 250mL bottle of our preservative solution can treat between 23 and 75 litres of water, maintaining its purity for up to three months, which reduces the frequency of maintenance and saves you time and resources.
  • Convenience in Packaging: Sold in boxes of 4 bottles, our solution offers both convenience and efficiency. Whether you're managing a single unit or multiple eyewash stations across various locations, our packaging ensures you always have a sufficient supply.
  • Easy to Use: Incorporating our water preservative into your safety protocol is straightforward. Add the recommended amount of solution to your portable gravity-fed eyewash unit to protect it against contamination. This step ensures your emergency eyewash stations are always prepared for immediate use.
  • Compliance and Safety: Using our Water Preservative Solution, you're taking an essential step towards maintaining compliance with safety regulations and standards. Keeping your emergency eyewash stations clean and free from harmful micro-organisms is crucial in providing a safe working environment for everyone.

Your Partner in Workplace Safety:

Investing in our Water Preservative Solution is more than just a purchase; it's a commitment to maintaining a high standard of safety and preparedness in the workplace. Suitable for a wide range of industries, from laboratories and manufacturing plants to construction sites and schools, our solution ensures that your emergency eyewash stations are always in optimal condition, ready to provide immediate relief when needed.

Take Action for Safety Today:

Ensure your portable gravity-fed units are equipped with our Water Preservative Solution. Order now to enhance the safety and preparedness of your workplace.