Silverback 700L Oil Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Kit

700L Oil Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Kit


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Product Code: 25220

Brand: Silverback

The large 700L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit is designed to repel water and can absorb up to 700 litres of oils, fuels, and other hydrocarbons. This kit is recommended to be positioned in loading and refuelling bays, near storage tanks, storm-water drains, truck yards, and around factory areas adjacent to process machinery.


  • Contained within a sizeable 660L wheelie bin with heavy-duty wheels. The largest wheelie bin that will fit through a standard doorway, allowing rapid deployment to any part of your site.
  • Dry clean the spill quickly and reduce clean-up time.
  • Spill-Sweep absorbent is tested to meet EPA standards for landfill disposal. Place confidently in the general waste bin at no cost (hydrocarbons, oils, and non-hazardous fluids only). Test certificate and EPA guideline info are available upon request.
  • Our pads are made from Sonic Bonded Polypropylene and absorb petroleum-based liquids on land and water. Place under leaks and drips – wipe down hands and equipment.
  • Sparkproof Shovel with high chemical tolerance. They never rust or corrode and are made from UV-stabilised polypropylene.
  • The kit is fitted with a metal broom holder connected to the back of the spill bin.
  • The service record tag is attached with a metal strip ring seal with a unique identification serial number.
  • The kit is supplied with a locking wire hasp and staple fitted with a Quick Snap Security Seal to indicate if the kit has been opened.
  • Content list, SDS documents and instructions with clear and safe steps to efficiently and effectively clean up the spill. All are contained in a clear document holder fixed to the underside of the bin lid.
  • Prenco Spill Kits adhere to all Australian safety standards and are AusSpill compliant. We are helping you to comply with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws.


  • Size: 660L Mobile Bin - 1216mm x 775mm x 1227mm. 
  • Weight: 90kg

IMPORTANT: Some Spill items may not be stocked at the time of order. Please allow 2 - 4 days for shipping.