AcidSorb Base Neutraliser Absorbent 900g

AcidSorb Base Neutraliser Absorbent 900g


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Product Code: 256531B

Brand: Envirosmart

Base Neutraliser is a spill control product designed to rapidly absorb, encapsulate and neutralise liquid Base spills.

This effective product contains a neutraliser and pH colour indicator combined with a highly absorbent polymer, to safely clean up a spill preventing workplace injuries. BaseSorb's unique formula interacts with the spilled chemical, converting the liquid into a gelled mass. Once transformed the chemical spill can be safely removed, cleaned up and disposed in accordance with local regulations.

How BaseSorb Works

Sprinkle BaseSorb around and on the spill. Once applied to the spill, colour change transformations will indicate that neutralisation is taking place. Allow for the powder to encapsulate and neutralise the spill. Blue indicates Highly Caustic. Orange Indicates Neutral. Once complete, the spill will convert to a gelled formation, now safe for easy removal. Dispose the spill in accordance with local regulations. Caution: Appropriate P.P.E. must be worn. Use in a well ventilated area. Some heat and gas emissions may be present during neutralisation. Not recommended for Metallic Nitrates, Cyanides, Sulphides and strong oxidizers. Contact with Sodium or Calcium Hypochlorite creates chlorine gas.

Designed for:

Safe clean-up of aggressive chemical spills, such as Caustic Soda, Potassium Hydroxide.

Chemical storage areas


Motor workshops

Transport & storage facilities

Universities, Colleges & Schools


Processing plants


Changes colour indicating neutralisation has taken place.

Neutralisers and encapsulates.

Orange colour indicates neutral.

Transforms into a gel for a safe and easy clean up.