Silt Curtain Type 1or 2 or 3


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Product Code: 257387

Brand: Chatoyer Environmental

Our team has extensive experience designing curtains for applications you might not even know a Silt Curtain could be used for!

We've fabricated floating turbidity curtains for extreme environments like the open ocean, tropical tidal ranges, high-velocity winds and fast-flowing rivers. We've used special materials for acidic tailings dams. We've made curtains 20m deep.

We'll advise on anchoring. We are very familiar with the waterways around Australia. Our use of high-quality materials, attention to detail and workmanship excellence has resulted in Chatoyer leading the market in quality Silt Curtain fabrication. Floating turbidity curtains have a reputation for reliable performance and durable construction.

Silt Curtains are generally required by marine service companies, construction companies, erosion and sediment control contractors, consultants, councils and state road authorities for the following types of projects: .

Tailings Dams.

Water Quality Improvement (in dams, basins, creeks and rivers) .


Bridge Construction.


Foreshore Maintenance Works.


Rock wall Building.

Protecting Inlets (especially during maintenance work) .

Pier, Jetty and Wharf Maintenance and Construction.

Containment of Ash and Fire Debris.

High Efficiency Sediment Basin.

Sediment Ponds.

Port Development

Class 1 Low-Risk Applications Little to no tidal, wave and/or wind forces. Example: lagoon, pond, stream,

Class 2 Medium-Risk Applications Moderate wind and/or water forces. Example: river, calm harbour

Class 3 High-Risk Applications Strong wind and water forces. Example: open ocean, harbour, river mouth

Please Note: Silverback does not recommend a purchase decision be made solely by referencing information on this page. Advice should be obtained from project specific guidelines and environmental experts to determine silt curtain design requirements. Chatoyer will not warrant workmanship without submission and approval of the Silt Curtain Design Questionnaire.