Silverback 120L Oil Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Kit

120L Oil Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Kit


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Brand: Silverback

Our 120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kits feature a medium level of absorbents designed to repel water when absorbing up to 120L of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. Position these easy-to-move-around wheelie bin kits near loading and refuelling bays, storage tanks, storm-water drains, truck yards and around a factory adjacent to process machinery.

These absorbents are far more effective in oil & fuel absorption than general-purpose and chemical variants.


  • 120L (approx) absorption capacity.
  • Wheelie bin storage allows rapid deployment to any part of your site.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Dry clean the spill quickly and reduce clean-up time.
  • Kit includes Sonic Bonded Polypropylene pads that effectively absorb petroleum-based liquids on land and water. Place under leaks and drips – wipe down hands and equipment.
  • Spill-Sweep absorbent is tested to meet EPA standards for landfill disposal. Place confidently in the general waste bin at no cost (hydrocarbons, oils, and non-hazardous fluids only). Test certificate and EPA guideline info are available upon request.
  • Prenco Spill Kits adhere to all Australian safety standards. Helping you to comply with all applicable environmental and health and safety laws.
  • The service record tag is attached with a metal strip ring seal with a unique identification serial number.
  • The kit is supplied with a locking wire hasp and staple fitted with a Quick Snap Security Seal to indicate if the kit has been opened.
  • Content list, SDS documents and instructions with clear and safe steps to efficiently and effectively clean up the spill. 


  • Size: 120L Mobile Wheelie Bin - 550mm x 500mm x 950mm.
  • Weight: 25kg

Our range of spill products and Oil & Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Kits adhere to Australian safety standards and are AusSpill compliant. Silverback is helping you to comply with all applicable spill control and environmental, health and safety laws.