Silverback 20L General Purpose Compact Spill Kit

20L General Purpose Compact Spill Kit


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Product Code: 25820GP

Brand: Silverback

The 20L General Purpose Compact Spill Kit is a versatile solution for industrial and mechanical workshops handling non-aggressive chemicals. With its ability to absorb up to 20 litres of general-purpose spills, its compact size makes it ideal for first responders dealing with small spills or for containing larger spills until additional absorbents arrive.

This spill kit is well-suited for small workshops, loading bays, warehouse facilities, and on-site plant vehicles servicing plant operations. If your work involves water-based fluids, having a General Purpose Spill Response Kit is crucial, as Oil & Fuel Spill Kits are not designed to absorb water-based liquids.


  • The absorption capacity of approximately 20L.
  • They are packed in a zippered, weatherproof carry bag for easy storage and transport.
  • Compact design allows it to fit neatly behind the driver's seat in a truck or Ute.
  • Includes a content list, SDS documents, and clear instructions for efficient and effective cleanup of general-purpose spills.
  • Features a sealable and refillable jug of loose absorbent, eliminating the risk of leaky bags.
  • It is equipped with a cleanup dustpan and brush for the loose absorbent.
  • Attached is a service record tag with a metal strip ring seal and a unique identification serial number.
  • Includes a Quick Snap Security Seal to indicate if the kit has been opened.


  • Size: Small Bag 650mm x 560mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 5kg