Silverback 20L Oil Fuel Hydrocarbon Compact Spill Kit

20L Oil Fuel Hydrocarbon Compact Spill Kit


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Brand: Silverback

The 20L Oil & Fuel "Hydrocarbon" Compact Spill Kit is designed for first responders to small spills or to help prevent larger spills from spreading into the environment until backup absorbents are resourced from the depot. Suitable for absorbing up to 20 litres of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons and are designed to repel water. These compact portable kits are ideal for miners, exploration crews, truck & forklift drivers, equipment and plant operators.


  • 20L (approx) absorption capacity.
  • Our pads are made from Sonic Bonded Polypropylene and absorb petroleum-based liquids on land and water. Place under leaks and drips – wipe down hands and equipment.
  • Contained in a zipped weatherproof carry bag keeps dust and debris out, easy to open, giving access to all contents.
  • This kit fits neatly into most spaces behind the truck driver's seat.
  • Seal-able and refillable jug of loose absorbent, no tear-able leaking bags.
  • Dustpan & brush supplied for the clean-up of loose absorbent.
  • Security seals are fitted to indicate if the kit has been opened.
  • Content list, SDS documents and instructions with clear and safe steps to efficiently and effectively clean up hydrocarbon spills.


  • Size: Small Bag 650mm x 560mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 5kg