3M Disposable Half Mask Respirator 4279+ (A1B1E1K1P2)


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Product Code: 30145

Brand: 3M

The 3MT Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Face Respirator 4000+ Series are a range of ready-to-use, maintenance-free half face respirator, designed for effective and comfortable protection against many gases, vapours and combination particulate hazards.

Key features: Disposable, maintenance-free half face respirator Twin inhalation valves and large, bonded carbon filters with permanently attached particulate filters Easy to use as no need for assembly, maintenance or record keeping

3MT 4279+ (A1B1E1K1P2) provides protection against organic vapours (good warning properties and b.pt. > 65°C), inorganic and acid gases and ammonia, up to 10x WES or 1000 ppm, whichever is lower and 10x WES for mechanically and thermally generated particulates.