Container Door Leverage Bar


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Product Code: 52015

Brand: Silverback

Are you aware that trucking, cargo, and warehousing injuries lead to billions in insurance claims each year?
Did you realise that sprains and strains account for half of all industry injuries?

Silverback is unveiling a dual-purpose tool for truckers.

First, it's a container door lever bar explicitly designed for opening and closing trailer and shipping container doors. Silverback's latest container door lever bar is tailored to accommodate both varieties of container door handles: forged and pressed, and is manufactured for durability. It fits pocket dimensions of 34mm x 34mm x 115mm and has a total length of 600mm. It is manufactured for durability.

Second, it is a tyre thumper to monitor tyre safety and is essential for long journeys on the road. Our primary concern is the well-being of the truck driver, operator, and other workers.