Silverback BrakeMate Heavy Vehicle Brake Maintenance System

BrakeMate Heavy Vehicle Brake Maintenance System

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Brand: Tulip Industries

Your Brake Maintenance Operations Made Easy

BrakeMate® has been specially designed to protect mechanics against the risk of workplace accidents: back pain, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and falling heavy objects. With the BrakeMate® elevated service platform, mechanics can carry out the entire braking maintenance process for all heavy vehicles on their own, eliminating all manual lifting during the disc brake maintenance process. 

Many mechanics have suffered back injuries through manually handling rotor and hub assemblies weighing up to 40kg. These injuries are painful for workers and cause financial pain for employers through lost time and Work Cover claims. Not all injuries are immediately apparent, either. Accumulative damage to the spine and joints often leaves older workers with aches and pains that can prevent them from continuing in a hands-on role through retirement age.

With BrakeMate®, mechanics no longer have to call for assistance lifting heavy components. The process is a one-person operation, reducing service time and saving your company money.


  • A one-person job with no heavy lifting of calliper, hub and rotor
  • Sets an ideal working height
  • Offers OH&S benefits by reducing the risk of back injuries
  • Reduce maintenance times and costs
  • Easy to operate

Choose between an Electronic v Pneumatic Powered Unit

It depends on the application, warehouse setup and specific requirements for the best system type.

Electronic Unit P/N: 90100-E

The BrakeMate®E is the second generation of the Original Pneumatic Hydraulic lift BrakeMate® and comprises two trolleys, the Hub/Rotor trolley and the Service Trolley. BrakeMate® E differs by using an Electronic Actuator powered by a 12.8V rechargeable lithium battery.

Electronic Key Features

  • Electronic Actuator 12.8V rechargeable lithium battery-powered unit 
  • A fully portable system without any attached cords or connected compressor hoses 
  • Silent operation 
  • Quicker raising and lowering speeds 
  • Higher working height 
  • Micro-step controls 
  • Specially designed for bus, truck and trailer maintenance needs 
  • Australian designed and manufactured 
  • A drum brake adapter is also available 

The BrakeMate®E Hub/Rotor Trolley lifting mechanism is operated by an electrical battery-driven Actuator and controls the up/down motion of the trolley. A limit switch stops the unit from over travel. A manually operated 10-tonne hydraulic ram removes the hub from the axle and separates the hub/rotor assembly. The unit is supplied with a Battery Box, Anderson Charging Port, Battery Tie Down Strap, Battery Connections, Linear Actuator, and Intelligent Battery charger. A standard 12.8V ( Lithium) Battery is recommended.

Pneumatic Powered P/N: 90100

BrakeMate® Pneumatic Hydraulic lift Hub/Rotor Trolley uses compressed air, generating force to power a hydraulic ram when lifting the Hub/Rotor. 

Pneumatic System Features:

  • Safe for use in explosive environments
  • Low maintenance
  • Australian designed and manufactured 
  • A drum brake adapter is also available

Both units include a BrakeMate® Service Trolley containing a manual hydraulic ram controlled by a foot pump and pressure release lever. The Service Trolley has a maximum lift height of 1300mm. The Service Trolley has an extendable catch rod that connects to the calliper clamp for the removal of the vehicle calliper safely and economically.

Using the BrakeMate® System

BrakeMate® allows for the quick and easy removal of the callipers, utilising an adjustable clamp mechanism that easily fits callipers mounted anywhere in the three, nine and twelve o’clock arc positions. An adaptor is also available to suit callipers mounted at six o’clock.

Adaptor plates allow for connection to common eight-stud and ten-stud patterns. A manual hydraulic ram separates the hub assembly from the vehicle, and a manually operated ram enables the operator to feel the force being applied.

Once removed from the vehicle, the two trolleys are mated together, and BrakeMate®then easily separates the rotor from the hub. The used rotor is rolled onto the rack, and the ‘Lazy Susan’ mounted frame is then rotated 180 degrees to allow the new rotor to be moved into position. The unit is then easily refitted to the vehicle.