Rubber Wheel Chocks

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Heavy Duty Rubber Commercial Wheel Chocks are designed specifically for trucks. They are manufactured with high-grade rubber, resistant to harsh environments, salt, oils, and lasts longer than chocks made from other material. The tyre-friendly traction design firmly grips the tyre and road and keeps tyres from any damage.


  • Ribbed Face - Steel Rope Hole SML 250mm x 200mm x 260mm 4kg
  • Ribbed Face - Steel Rope Hole LRG 380mm x 215mm x 155mm 9.5kg
  • Ribbed Face - Rope Hole SML 206mm x 215mm x 180mm 3.1kg
  • Ribbed Face - Rope Hole LRG 250mm x 215mm x 180mm 4.7kg
  • Smooth Face SML 200mm x 100mm x 150mm 1.8kg

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