Silverback Hand Pallet Wrap

Hand Pallet Wrap

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Brand: Silverback

Silverback Cast Hand Wrap contains and protects products on a pallet during transit and storage. Even though there is one common purpose, multiple strengths, colours and lengths suit different applications.

Cast Hand Wrap

The molecule structure of Cast Hand Wrap runs parallel down the film, which means when tensioned in that direction, it has a very high stretch yield of up to 400%. Cast Hand Wrap has high clarity and quiet application due to its lower single-sided tackiness.

Silverback's Cast Hand Pallet Wrap has superior strength, stretch, and increased tackiness to secure your cargo to pallets or skids.

Features and when to use Cast Hand Wrap:

  • It comes off the roll easily and is quieter than blown film.
  • Often used for lighter products and loads stacked on pallets.
  • The clear product is easy to scan barcodes through the film.
  • Requires less force to stretch.
  • High tear resistance.

Available in popular colours of clear or black and in various thicknesses from 14um to 23um.


  • 14um 500mm x 340m CLEAR
  • 16um Silver20 500mm x 415m CLEAR (New Generation Performs like 20um)
  • 16um Silver16 500mm x 550m CLEAR (New Generation Performs like 20um)
  • 19um Silver19 500mm x 463m CLEAR (New Generation Performs like 23um)
  • 20um 500mm x 415m CLEAR
  • 20um 500mm x 415m BLACK
  • 23um 500mm x 360m CLEAR