Webbing Straps

Silverback webbing straps and assemblies include load-rated material with specified stitching and sewing patterns, various end fittings and rating tags. We supply ratchet replacement straps and truck winch replacement straps widely used throughout the transport industry. Webbing is more elastic than chains or steel strapping and will retain some of its initial tension during transport if a load deforms slightly or settles.

When using webbing straps, always check there are no knots or twists in the strapping or attached to anchor points using knots. Look out for furry webbing, cuts and abrasions, as this indicates the potential of critical broken load-bearing fibres. DO NOT use webbing straps near chemicals or high temperatures without referring to the manufacturer’s instructions. The lashing capacity is displayed on each assembly.

All Silverback webbing straps are designed, manufactured and tested for compliance with AS/NZS 4380:2001.

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