Silverback Packing Grade Plywood

Packing Grade Plywood

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Brand: Silverback

Packing Grade Plywood sheets provides a cost-effective and stable barrier between cargo in vertical and horizontal applications. It is commonly used to construct pallets and temporary boxes for goods and machinery. 

Plywood comprises multidirectional layers of soft and hardwood veneer sheets to achieve various panel thicknesses and strengths. Packing plywood is not prone to shrinkage, termites, or being chapped by weather conditions. Furthermore, plywood is more economical and cheaper than natural wood as it is much lighter and still has high durability; the surface is also completely smooth.


  • Glue Bond Type - Type ‘A’ Bond Phenol Formaldehyde
  • Formaldehyde Emissions - Very Low - E0.0 - 0.3ppm
  • Stress Grades - Non-structural
  • Face Grades – C/D
  • Core Gaps – Minor
  • ISPM 15 approved export quality plywood sheets