Silverback AcidSorb Neutralising Absorbent

AcidSorb Neutralising Absorbent

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Brand: Silverback

AcidSorb Neutralising Absorbent is a spill control product designed to rapidly absorb, encapsulate, and neutralise liquid base acid spills.

This effective product contains a neutraliser and pH colour indicator combined with a highly absorbent polymer to clean up a spill preventing workplace injuries safely.

AcidSorbs unique formula interacts with the spilt chemical, converting the liquid into a gelled mass. Once transformed, the chemical spill can be safely removed, cleaned up, and disposed of according to local regulations.

AcidSorb is designed for Chemical storage areas, Laboratories, Battery retailers, Motor workshops, Transport & storage facilities, Universities, Colleges & Schools, Hospitals and Processing plants.

CAUTION: Use in a well-ventilated area. Some heat and gas emissions may be present during neutralisation. It is not recommended for Hydrofluoric Acid. Avoid contact with 2, 4, 6 Trinitrotoluene, & Fluorine. Contact with food products containing sugars may form carbon monoxide gas.


  • Colour changes indicate neutralisation is occurring.
  • Contains, absorbs, encapsulates and neutralisers a wide variety of acids.
  • Transforms into a gel-like substance, for easier cleanup.
  • Use on most acid spills (except Hydrofluoric Acid and subject to any SDS restrictions.)
  • Please advise Silverback on the type of acid used before ordering to recommend the best product for the situation?

How AcidSorb Works

  • Sprinkle AcidSorb on the spill starting from the outside and working in.
  • Once applied to the spill, colour change transformations will indicate that neutralisation occurs.
  • Once covered, the spill will convert to a gelled formation, now safe for easy removal. Dispose of the spill per local regulations.