K Sorb Floating Absorbent Fibre

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Brand: Envirosmart

A loose cellulose absorbent readily absorbs petroleum-derived fluids and does not absorb water. K-Sorb is ideal for situations where you need to absorb floating oils but not water.

K-Sorb Hydrophobic solidifies and stabilises chemical waste on the water before transportation or disposal. K-Sorb Hydrophobic effectively separates free oils from water and can remove contaminants from shores, lakes, rivers, ports, marinas, lagoons and ponds.

K-Sorb Hydrophobic is one of the few “Oil-on-Water” absorbents to pass the EPA landfill disposal standards. K-Sorb Hydrophobic is chemically resistant and absorbs many petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents without degrading or reacting.


  • Will not deteriorate or sink when fully saturated.
  • K-Sorb Hydrophobic’s high capillary wicking action instantly attracts hydrocarbons, locking them into its hollow fibres, allowing for a quick clean up before the spill spreads.
  • K-Sorb Hydrophobic prevents the leaching problems associated with clay and polypropylene products.
  • Once saturated with absorbed hydrocarbons, K-Sorb Hydrophobic’s additional 21,625 BTU/kg and low ash content make it an exceptional candidate for disposal as an alternative fuel source at cement kilns, fossil fuel and traditional plant incinerators.
  • Also available in loose bales, booms and pillows.