Uni Safe Ph Plus Absorbent Binder

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Brand: Silverback

Manage your spills of all fluids in the lab with our high-performance Uni-Safe ph Plus Absorbent Binder for all chemicals and liquids. Uni-Safe ph Plus is a powder absorbent that absorbs and gels all chemicals, biotech liquids and even body fluids without creating a reaction.

Since Uni-Safe ph Plus is universal, you only need one absorbent in your spill kit. Other absorbents on the market are chemical-specific, so you need several different products on hand at all times to combat specific spills, creating the risk of using the wrong absorbent on a chemical spill, making for a potentially dangerous reaction.

Please Note: Do not use it on spills in aqueous environments, and do not use it on mercury spills.


  • Limits the cause of a hazardous reaction, even when used on oxidising substances such as nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and chlorosulfonic spills.
  • It eliminates having to find a spill-specific cleanup product.
  • Leaves surface smear-free while reducing contamination.
  • Acts as an emission blocker, creating a ‘fume barrier’ protecting personnel and the environment.
  • Gels the spill immediately for easy cleanup.
  • High absorbent capacity and is safe to use, non-flammable, non-toxic with no dangerous reactions.
  • An essential product for hazardous material response teams.