Drum Overpack

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Brand: Pratt Safety

These Overpacks are made from chemical-resistant polyethylene offer versatile, high-performance containment of leaking drums. The polyethylene overpack safely contains many hazardous materials - including acids, corrosives and damaged parts. Tight, secure and leak-free container closing is simple. Just place any long object in the handy lid slots, like a broom handle and turn it to screw the lid down tightly.

Applications include overpacking damaged or leaking packages, collecting and transporting soiled sorbents, cleaning up contaminated sites, emergency response, direct containment, and transportation of hazardous solids.


  • High-density polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance, including acids, caustics and corrosives.
  • Convenient, “no tools required” closures are perfect for clean-up and spill response activities.
  • Nest-able design and lightweight allow convenient storage and reduced transportation costs.

25080 1 Drum 552mm x 552mm x 483mm 76L

25081 1 Drum 581mm x 581mm x 765mm 113L

25082 1 Drum 830mm x 830mm x 1050mm 360L

(United Nations (UN) Approved)