EVA Sponge Floor Bunding

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Brand: Prenco

The EVA Sponge Spill Barrier Bund is resistant to various chemicals and can be used for most small bunding applications that are not exposed to vehicle traffic. This Spill Barrier Bund is easy to install by peeling off the plastic cover on the flat underside of the Spill Barrier Bund, thus exposing the sticky glue. Mitre cut the bund to form corners and join using a contact adhesive. It is available in yellow colour only and has interlocking ends. 

Create a bunded area for workshops, factories, across doorways, entrances, around machinery, transport depots and fuel transfer stations. 

NOTE: This bund is not suitable for any road vehicle, forklifts or trolley traffic as it can be easily damaged or torn by forklift tynes or turning wheels whilst on top of the bund. 

NOTE: These Spill Barriers are NOT suitable for uneven surfaces such as bitumen (unless the bitumen has been sealed before installation). 


  • A wide range of sizes and heights are available
  • It compresses when walked on
  • Comes pre-glued
  • Easy to install - stick down to a clean flat floor surface
  • It can be easily replaced if damaged