Dewatering Oil Water Separation Bag

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Brand: Envirosmart

Advanced Filtration for Wastewater Treatment

The Portable Oil and Water Separator acts as a disposable filter allowing untreated wastewater to pass through the filter bag whilst capturing sediment and hydrocarbons. These filter bags are filled with high quality shredded oil only, melt-blown polypropylene that soaks up most of the oil passing through before arriving at the 270gsm geotextile outer lining.

When installing, place the untreated wastewater hose in the inlet opening of the filter bag. Just ensure the hose is fed through the entire neck, so the wastewater discharge takes place right inside the filter bag. Secure the hose with a hose clamp or zip-tie to prevent unfiltered water from flowing out of the unit.

They are designed for filtering oils and hydrocarbons whilst discharging accumulated water from water collection points.

The Wand Attachment has been designed to increase the efficiency of Portable Oil & Water Separator Filter Bags through even wastewater dispersal. It achieves this by dispersing wastewater through a perforated outlet around the Wand attachment, maximising the outlet’s effectiveness for wastewater passing through the filter bag, capturing hydrocarbons and sediment, resulting in efficient and effective filtration results.


  • Made from 270gsm, Needle Punched, Polypropylene Geotextile.
  • Filter filling repels water and captures hydrocarbons and other fuels while freely passing water.
  • Captures a large variety of silt and suspended particles allowing water to pass through.
  • Can reduce the need and expense of vacuum extrusion trucks.
  • Reduces environmental impact.
  • Made in Australia.

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