Portable Collapsible Elvaloy Bund BK

Portable Collapsible Elvaloy Bund BK

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Brand: Envirosmart

The Portable Collapsible Elvaloy Bund is made from black heavy-duty 1080gsm elvaloy fabric material, with elevated chemical and UV resistance, ideal for aggressive chemicals and harsh environments. Suitable for the storage of hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals. The heavy-duty plastic corner support brackets add strength and durability to this freestanding bund. This product is a one-piece construction and is a quick unit to deploy.

The collapsible bund has low profile straps on the outside and does not restrict the inside access, allowing drive-in clearance and providing a wider variety of uses. Eyelets on the base of the straps will enable the unit to be pegged to soft ground. This unit is easy to store and lightweight yet durable for the most demanding industrial jobs. Just wash after use and stow away for the next application. Fold into a mat for easy storage on a ute or truck. In a drum spill, its storage spill capacity becomes invaluable.


  • Folding legs lock into place, creating sturdy sidewalls
  • Freestanding when folded out with no assembly
  • Folding legs collapse quickly, allowing access for all manner of vehicles
  • Easy to wash and store away
  • 300mm height to maximise capacity
  • Easily folded for compact storage and transportation

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